Timothy Cape: Throwing words

Timothy Cape: Throwing words


The Irish composer Tim Cape will create a new piece for voice, gestural performer and 3 instrumentalists, to be performed by the French ensemble of international musicians Soundinitiative, in France. The experimental music-theatre piece will explore rhythmic material across language, gesture and music to create an intimate, dream-like account of fragmented memory.

The composing and devising process will focus on formal exercises weaving rhythm, patterns and phrasing across text, physical gesture and music, searching for unexpected forms of emotional expression and meaning. Interweaving gestures, words and sounds create a whirlwind of activity from which emerges glimpses of memories, visions, and emotions. Beckett’s “Company” and “Not I” will inspire the process

Tim Cape, composer


Timothy Cape (IR), Throwing words (New work)

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13.02 2024

Paris - France


01.05 2024

Conservatoire d’Aubervilliers - Ivry-sur-Seine - France

Workshops, Concert

01.02 2025

Conservatoire d’Aubervilliers - Ivry-sur-Seine - France

Workshops, Concert

01.05 2025

Ivry-sur-Seine - France