Talking Music

Talking Music

Lovemusic Collective
Talking music is an evening of music, histories, drag and performance. Illusions is a piece written in reaction to the announcement of Brexit, created by Philip Venables and the artist David Hoyle. It highlights the illusion of democracy, of gender, war, LGBTQ assimilation and revolution. A new piece commissioned by lovemusic, Musica and the Festival d’Automne to Venables is based on the poem Numbers by Simon Howard, which as poem collection, is as much a love poem as a political tract. The evening is presented by a drag artist to create an inclusive and welcoming space, that invits the audience to dialog with the artists on stage.


Philip Venables (UK), Illusions, Klaviertrio im Geiste, My favourite piece is the Goldberg (FR premiere), Numbers 81-85, Numbers 91-95, Numbers 96 – 100 (UK premiere)
Frederic Rzewski (USA), Coming together
Léo Collin (FR), Der Seismograph (UK premiere)
Sylvain Marty (FR), Silent Zone of Body (UK premiere)
Michelle Agnès Magalhaes (FR), Anatomy of the World (World premiere)

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01.10 2021

Festival Musica - Strasbourg, France


22.10 2021

Festival d'Automne - Paris, France


12.11 2022

Centre chorégraphique - Strasbourg, France


20.11 2022

Festival Huddersfield, United Kingdom