Natural Causes (Act 2)

Natural Causes (Act 2)

Natural Causes (act 2) is an interdisciplinary landscape of sound and texts enveloped with the sensitivities of movement, drama, time and space. Inspired by Simon Howard’s poems, this work challenges traditional concert conventions by using different connected spaces to create a constellation of musical locations which audiences inhabit and meander through. The piece is a commission by French ensemble soundinitiative to British composer Richard Barrett and will be performed in their in-situ, multi-space programme ICI, an event in the form of a meeting place between a space and its audience.


Richard Barrett (UK), Natural Causes (act 2) 
Shao-Wei Chou, flute
Winnie Huang, violin
Joshua Hyde, saxophone
Szymon Kaça, clarinet
Louise Leverd, cello
Gwen Rouger, keyboard
Benjamin Soistier, percussion
Franco Venturini, piano
Etienne Graindorge, sound engineer

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05.03 2022

Centres des Arts - Paris / Enghien-les-bains, France

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11.03 2023

Centres des Arts - Paris / Enghien-les-bains, France

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02.03 2022

Centre des Arts, France, Enghien-les-bain

01.03 2022

Borealis Festival Norway, Bergen