The Strasbourg-based collective lovemusic takes it’s name from the homonymous work by Betsy Jolas. lovemusic is currently composed of nine musicians of different origins and influences all with a shared love, interest and commitment to the music and culture of our times. lovemusic aims to develop and present new programmes that are not limited by a genre or formation, but instead explore aesthetic concepts and creative ideas in order to produce an alternative and coherent discourse. A shared passion for collaborative projects with today’s composers completes their programmes, offering an original perspective of the present day…

Everything starts elsewhere refers to a text by Argentinian poet Roberto Juarroz used for one of the pieces of this programme, but also to the creative process of transmission that begins in the imagination of composers, it evolves into a written form, and which is then interpreted by the musicians and reinterpreted by the public. The text also refers to the itinerant nature of music, especially for this programme that reflects music from both sides of the Channel: created on one side and performed on the other. Imagined around a new piece by Jérôme Combier, commissioned by the collective, this programme will be performed as part of our 2018-19 season at the Bnu in Strasbourg before going on an exciting tour in several venues around the UK.


Jérôme Combier (FR) - The Last Ebb
Jesse Broekman (NL) - Elsewhere
John Croft (UK) - Deux Méditations d’une Furie
Naomi Pinnock (UK) - And Yet There Was (Love)
Gilbert Amy (FR) - … d’un désastre obscur
Martin Iddon (UK) - Ptelea
Samuel Andreyev (FR) - Nombres imaginaires
Betsy Jolas (FR/USA) - Lovemusic

French / British

French British


18.01 2019

Auditorium BNU, Strasbourg, France

09.02 2019

St. Cecilia’s Concert Hall, Edimbourg, United Kingdom

11.02 2019

Festival KLANG19, Durham, United Kingdom

13.02 2019

Westminster Theatre - Keele, United Kingdom

15.02 2019

Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, Leeds, United Kingdom

16.02 2019

Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, United Kingdom

19.02 2019

City University London, United Kingdom