Anne Gillis & XT – New Live Works

Anne Gillis & XT – New Live Works

Oto Projects

Anne Gillis (France), Seymour Wright (UK) and Paul Abbott (UK) develop three new site-specific works, following the collaboration they started, with Diaphonique’s support, in 2021. Three new performances of new music will be developed through a number of days residency and public presentation, in 3 locations: Paris (Les Instants Chavirés), Brussels (Atelier Claus), London (Café Oto). The three interdisciplinary artists operate at the boundaries of sound-making/music, plastic arts, performance and learning. They explore the limits and relationships between body, object, prosthesis and memory, patterns and the material world.



[Dear Anne] “ We imagine a room – OTO – which we move around (with sounds) in which we are planting bulbs, sprouts/ roots, seeds, graftings/clippings (but these plants are sounds and movements), which grow and evolve organically, but can repeat mechanically. Many births! ”


Anne Gillis (FR)
Seymour Wright (UK)
Paul Abbott (UK), New work

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10.11 2022

Paris, France

Rehearsal, Concert

12.10 2022

Q-O2 Werkplaats - Brussels, Belgium

Rehearsal, Concert

15.10 2022

Café Oto - London, United Kingdom

Rehearsal, Concert