acanthes@ircam, international and multidisciplinary academy for creation, invited 80 performers from all over the world to create an experimental and collaborative platform between music and arts (visual and electronics). Interpretation master classes and composition workshops involving Thomas Adès and Arditti Quartet were organised.


16/06/2012 : Launching concert: Ensemble intercontemporain, Centre Georges Pompidou / Les Cris de Paris, Eglise Saint-Eustache
18/06/2012 : Public workshop with Pierre Boulez and Hae-Sun Kang (violin) on Anthèmes 2 (Boulez), IRCAM
22/06/2012 : Quatuor Arditti, IRCAM
24/06/2012 : Public Master Class, Pierre Strauch, CENTQUATRE
25/06/2012 : Public String Quartet Master Class, Arditti Quartet, IRCAM
28/06/2012 : Public workshop : young composers’ premieres, Ensemble intercontemporain, CENTQUATRE
29/06/2012 : Public piano and lieder master class, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Sébastien Vichard and Christiane Oelze, IRCAM
30/06/2012 : Public workshop : young composers’ premieres, Les Cris de Paris CENTQUATRE
30/06/2012 : Public workshop : young composers’ premieres, Arditti Quartet, IRCAM
01/07/2012 : Public master class, CENTQUATRE
01/07/2012 : Public international workshop with international Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA), Thomas Adès, Centre Georges Pompidou

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16.06 2012


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