The project is a first-time collaboration between French electronic composer Alex Augier and the UK-based visual artist Heather Lander. For this performance, they create a captivating chamber of video, light, sound and performer, to represent the idea of the eternal and the way we view this idea of eternity. Entrancing and ethereal, Sublime Recurrence delves into a digital daydream of CGI and lens-based moving image projections visualizing the cycle of sunrise and sunset, complemented by a mirage-like soundscape where musical layers and movement are blurred, without beginning or end. This artistic exchange is facilitated by a new partnership between Cryptic (UK) and La Muse en Circuit (FR) with the aim of creating a long-lasting partnership between both organisations.


Heather Lander (UK) & Alex Augier (FR) - Sublime Recurrence

French / British

French British

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29.10 2021

(TBC) Biennale Nemo – Paris, France

French Premiere

31.10 2020

Sonica London, Kings Place – London, UK

World Premiere

01.06 2020

La Muse en Circuit Residency – Alfortville, France