Diaphonique assists in the funding and support of projects which aim to create or promote French contemporary classical music in Great Britain, and British contemporary classical music in France. The fund contributes to encouraging the growth of audiences and repertoires.

> When

Due to changes of our internal organisation, the next artistic board meeting has been postponed and will take place on February 1st, 2017. 

Closing date for applications : December 31st, 2016.


> Which projects?

The projects which Diaphonique can support must:
  • Foster the notion of cultural exchange between France and the UK. It is crucial that your project shows strong partnerships and links between the two countries.
  • Involve works composed by British or French composers created over the last 30 years, or that are in the process of being composed.
  • Offer a repertoire matching one of the following categories: Instrumental, vocal, mixed or electro-acoustic contemporary classical music; New forms of improvised and electronic music Computer-assisted composition and research with multi-media tools.

Diaphonique’s support covers a range of areas and relate to projects such as: concerts, composers’ residencies, commission of new works and revivals, tours, masterclasses, scholarships.

It is important for us to see that your project embraces as many aspects of music making including outreach, integration, variety, education and marketing.
We need to see how you will promote it.
Diaphonique does not fund individual projects. Artists can not apply directly. Applications must be proceeded by producers or organisations.
Diaphonique does not give retrospective funding.

> Which organisations?

Diaphonique gives priority to non-profit organisations.
Only the following organisations, French or British, can submit a project: Ensembles, companies or collectives Venues, Festivals Educational bodies Research studios and centres.

> Where?

Diaphonique exclusively supports projects taking place in France or the UK.

> How much?

Diaphonique’s support will not exceed 40% of the artistic part of the budget.
Diaphonique’s support is for artistic projects and therefore cannot support core costs.

 > How to apply

  1. Prepare your application

Access the following template to prepare your application : Template – Diaphonique application form

2. Complete your online application

Please, do not use the previous template to apply. Applications must be filled online. Click here to apply: Application form
All fields must be completed before you submit the form. Be careful, applications cannot be altered after being submitted.

3. Send your application

When your application is complete, download the pdf version, sign it and email it at along with a provisional budget following the template provided here: Budget template

You can attach up to 5 additional documents to your email. Please list them in the application form.

> Feedback

When your project is completed, please fill the following feedback form and return it to Diaphonique – Feedback form